Swindon Town Centre (January) 1968



This is Swindon Town Centre, 50 years ago, in January 1968. A quarter of the town centre then was houses (none today). There were lots of ‘home care’ shops, such as DIY, carpets, furniture and drapery, in 1968 – most of these are now on out-of-town shopping centres. 50 years ago there were far more shoe shops and ‘clothing care’ shops (dry cleaners, sewing machines, knitting etc), but only one charity shop (The Lions), and far fewer salons. Have a look at the previous post that shows the town centre today…

Signed prints, 90cm x 60cm, on good quality 180gsm paper are available for £28 at The Library Shop, Regent Circus, Swindon. There is a copy of this map in the Library’s Local Studies department if you’d like to take a closer look. I’ve given a copy to Swindon Alzheimers Society which they’re going to use at their memory talks.

Email [email protected] or call Swindon 420938 to order, or ask questions